WebsiteSecure Site Certifications Now Visible in 5 Languages site certifications can now be translated into German, Italian, Spanish, French or English by any consumer with a single click of their mouse.

“As emerging markets continue to increase their influence on the success of commercial websites globally, having each site certification available in more languages makes good sense,” said Stewart Tongue of “We take the feedback of our customers and the millions of consumers who utilize to find ethical sites online very seriously. As additional languages become prominent we will continually add new translations to accommodate everyone in their own native tongue.”

The certifications explain that each site has passed a rigorous ethics inspection which may include detailed review of terms and conditions pages, cancellation policies, privacy policies and test joins to ensure that consumers are being treated fairly during all interactions with a certified site,” the company said.

The company said that prevents sites from mistreating customers or visitors via unscrupulous business practices.

“It has been said many times that there is no such thing as a completely air tight method of monitoring all activities of a website with absolute certainty,” Tongue said. “While there is certainly some truth to that, highlighting the ethical brands who voluntarily have their sites inspected and relying on a combination of automated and manual techniques to exclude bad actors is allowing and the brands we certify to continue making an important difference.”

The certifications were translated by experts at, a company with years of experience in providing commercial text translations for mainstream or adult brands.

“We were obviously pleased to be a part of this project,” said Colin of Translations XXX. “Working with a prestigious brand like also makes it clear that we agree with the basic philosophy involved — that good companies and consumers ought to be banding together to deal in fair value as part of an ethical purchasing experience online.”