TranslationsXXX Helps Manica Media Expand Globally

Manica Media S.L. is a global content distribution network that monetizes content for publishers across a wide variety of platforms including internet sites, broadcasting, mobile applications, DVDs and tangible goods. The global reach of Manica Media goes far beyond other distributors because the entire company is keenly focused on achieving a level of cultural integration within each local market that goes far beyond simply translating a website name or sending out an occasional press release.

“One of the important aspects of the company and the affiliate program is that we are based in Barcelona Spain but our management heritage varies and that gives us a more global view in marketing” said Erwin de Boer, VP of Online Media at Manica Media. “When we work with content partners from Germany, Portugal, Italy or the States, we aren’t just trying to sell their products to people – we are interested in embedding their brands and motivating consumers to want their products. People buy a lot more when they want something than when you try to sell them something.”

As part of their global strategy, Manica Media has worked extensively with TranslationsXXX to identify cultural marketing triggers, establish a pitch that resonates with local markets and provide content suited to those markets in the most easily accessible ways.

“Working with Colin at TranslationsXXX is terrific” said de Boer. “We have worked with other so-called language translators in the past and the results were nowhere near what we wanted. However, with Colin, we know we are getting more than just words. He takes the time to understand the brands involved, selects writers who grasp the flavor of the content, and creates maketing materials that stay true to our initial vision while making it as enticing as possible for each potential customer of any specific region. We speak more than one language in our offices and can see first hand why the work TranslationsXXX provides improves our marketing materials internationally.”

“In business nobody is supposed to have favorite customers, but the fact is when you work with a company that truly understands the value of what you are doing every day, the way Manica Media does, it’s impossible not to admire their approach” said Colin, VP of Business Development for “They see the broader goals and understand that even when you have a million customers, each one wants to be treated like the unique individual they are with a history and heritage all their own.”

To learn more about Manica Media and see the power of culturally relevant marketing materials visit or speak with Colin of TranslationsXXX to learn more about the ways we can bring your brands to a much bigger audience.