Translating your website can be one of the most cost-effective ways to move your company forward, especially when you consider the fact that your complete project estimate from TranslationsXXX is absolutely FREE!

Our pricing is based on several important factors including:

  • Languages & Locations

    We work regularly with dozens of different languages and we are able to provide quality service for more than 150 languages. That doesn’t mean translations in Spanish or Swahili cost the exact same amount. Let us know the source language and target languages you want to include.

  • Interface And Integration

    Our linguists can provide your content in virtually any format or can work within your own interface to fully integrate  the content upload process. Complex interfaces are more time consuming and can impact pricing. Contact us to get a  free consultation.

  • Volume & Visibility

    Projects as small as a few Banner Ads or Billboard tag lines can be accomplished quickly. Massive high-volume work  including tens of thousands of scene descriptions for a tube site are also well within our core capabilities. We do  offer high volume discounts and are available to provide missing critical high visibility content for your company as well.

  • Depth & Deadlines

    Are you seeking translation of existing model bios from one language to another, or did you want fully researched model bios written from scratch with the length and source material references worthy of being called ‘real biographies’ rather than ‘page fluff’ – those important differences are a key element of pricing. The longer deadline length or scheduling flexibility can also reduce your pricing.

  • Recurring Relationships

    TranslationsXXX views each client with a long term approach. Our goal is for our clients to earn more than our  services cost and become repeat clients with ongoing business relationships. For that reason we often provide a free  sample for new customers and incentivized pricing for long term clients who continue to benefit from our highly  competitive rates.

To get a Free Price Estimate on your next project, contact us now so that we can help spread the word about your brand or business to help you make bank!