Professional linguists are more than proficient or fluent in their particular languages. You may speak English fluently, you might have been raised speaking the language and have a good comprehension of grammar unfortunately that doesn’t qualify you as a linguist. TranslationsXXX Linguists are language specialists who have studied multiple languages extensively and have a strong academic understanding of the underlying mechanics that bring each message to life.

Many webmasters find it useful to think of written languages in terms similar to other aspects of site development. Having the ability to write a few lines of HTML wouldn’t lead you to tell people you are Microsoft Certified Developer. Similarly, the fact that you are “pretty good at writing” probably doesn’t make you the best qualified person to write marketable text. Ask yourself how much more you might accomplish if you source the writing and translation to industry professionals to free up more time for you to focus on the things that you do best.

Similarly, a great designer is not necessarily the best artist. When you create a website layout and build your interface the ‘prettiest’ display often does not work the best or sell the most. Language works much the same way. Writing the most correct version of a particular text may not be the perfect pitch for the potential customers reading it. Slang, word choice, colloquialisms and local examples have an important role to play in engaging consumers.

Years of experience working within hundreds of global markets has given our linguists the insight necessary to know which words work best, what meter makes for the most compelling campaign and which topics to avoid along the way. What you may find funny can offend your audience. Knowing which styles convert best with your intended audience is what makes our experienced marketing linguists valuable to your business.