Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Be Sure The Translation Is Correct?

If you spoke every language fluently you would always know if your content was translated correctly. Unfortunately, as a site owner you are frequently having sites translated into languages that you are not able to read. That’s why trust is the most important part of any translation service we provide. TranslationsXXX offers a full 100% money-back guarantee on the accuracy of all our translation services.

Do You Use Human Translators or Some Kind of Software?

We only use in-country native speaking human translators. We do not use any form of machine translation. When using machine translation, translated text is typically a substitution of words, similar to using a dictionary and placing the first meaning you find into the target text. For example, try to translate the same document from English into Italian, then from Italian into Dutch and finally again back into English. The original English text will be very different from the final English text. By contrast, a human linguist is able to understand the meaning and nuance of that text and use experience to choose the correct terms, grammar and style, all while taking into consideration the cultural context and appropriateness of the target market.

Can I Get A Quote For Free?

Yes. Our pricing estimates are always free and are usually prepared within one business day. We include all the details and can offer alternative options to make our services even more affordable. Best of all, our pricing is guaranteed. That means you have complete cost certainty before any work begins.

How Quickly Can TranslationsXXX Get A Document Done?

Our turnaround time is ultimately determined by the scope based on the volume, complexity and depth of the project. Turnaround time is flexible and may be accelerated to meet your deadline requirements.

Which Format Does The Content Need To Be In For Translation?

We can work with almost any file type including but not limited to plain text, Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, InDesign, Quark, Illustrator, Photoshop, Framemaker, HTML, PHP, ASP and XML. If you content is in another format we can usually work with it or port it to a comparable format. Contact us for details.

How Does TranslationsXXX Send The Finished Work To Me?

TranslationsXXX will provide you with the translated file(s) in the same source format you submitted to us. Electronic files may be delivered via e-mail, CD, or secure file transfer portal. We are here to assist you and will make arrangements to provide the content in the way that is easiest for you.

Can I Speak To Someone That I Already Know Has Used Your Services?

We are glad you asked! Take a look at our Testimonials & Case Studies or contact us for a list of references. We work with many leading brands in the adult industry and many of our clients are willing to share their experiences with you. These are people and brands you already know. Take their word for it and give us the opportunity to help you spread the word about your brands as well!