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Reasons to Localize Your Mobile App

Did you know that cell phone ownership among adults in the United States has surpassed 90 percent? Let’s take it a step further. The Internet and American LifeSurvey by the Pew Research Center found that 56 percent of these adults have smartphones. By 2017, 60 percent of Internet users in North America will own tablets, according to a Forrester report. But these trends are global, too. According toeMarketer, 2 billion consumers worldwide will have smartphones by 2016!

What do all of these facts and figures mean for you? The mobile audience is growing, and so, too, is the demand for localized apps. Here are some quick tips to localize your apps for an international audience.

  • When creating content, begin with the end in mind. The demand for localized apps is there; anticipate that your apps will be localized eventually. Therefore, write interface text with this in mind.
  • Let’s stick to talking about content. Text expansion is important, especially when translating content for an app. For example, text expands by 25 percent when going from English into Spanish. With an app, the space on the screen is often small. As with any source layout, white space is your friend. It will help to account for text expansion later on.
  • Also, when creating your app, think about your choices in graphics and images. What is culturally acceptable in one culture may not work in others. Some factors to consider are sensitivities surrounding religion, politics, or government. Poor choices of colors, icons, gestures, or maps may offend international users.
  • How will you export your content for translation? Then, once text is translated, how will your import it? Make sure you include all content that is part of the app (error messages and other pop-ups).
  • Is your software internationalized? Meaning, can it support foreign language characters, vertical text, left-to-right text, right-to-left text, local dates, times, and currencies?
  • Support materials also need to be translated such as online help instructions, product documentation, terms of use, and support.
  • Lastly, don’t forget to advertise! This includes marketing materials as well as app descriptions. For marketing content, transcreation might be the best route to make sure nuances in creative content are not lost in translation! (Pun always intended.)

When localizing your app, look to TranslationsXXX as a partner. We can work with you to make sure your content is culturally appropriate for your target market, whatever country or region of the world. We will make recommendations on any changes that need to be made and will also perform linguistic and localization testing to make sure that the app is functional and the user experience is more than satisfactory!

Adapting To The Audience

New Frontier Media, Inc. is a leading provider of transactional television services and a distributor of motion picture entertainment, including provision of adult-themed pay-per-view content for cable and satellite operators across the United States. The Company owns thousands of hours of digital content and partners with movie studios to bring together the most exciting variety of transactional adult entertainment available today.

New Frontier Media’s Film Production segment produces original motion pictures that are distributed in the U.S. on premium movie channels, such as Cinemax and Showtime, and internationally on similar services. The Film Production segment also develops and produces exciting original event programming that is widely distributed on satellite and cable pay-per-view networks. Recently, New Frontier Media was merged into the holdings of L.F.P., Inc., which is headed up by iconic adult entertainment patriarch, Larry Flynt.

In 2011, TranslationsXXX began working on several significant projects aimed at bringing New Frontier Media content to an even wider audience, by leveraging the use of expert language translation and cultural marketing consultation services.

“I have been working directly with TranslationsXXX for about a year, and our company has been doing business with them for over two years,” said Justin Himes, New Frontier Media. “They have proven to be a valuable resource when we seek out new business. Quite often, our potential clients request specific dialects or terminology, and TranslationsXXX has sourced individuals who can accommodate our requests. Their projects are always returned quickly, and their linguists adhere to any guidelines we put in place.”

With a long history of producing XXX content for clients from all over the globe, New Frontier Media understands the importance of keeping things local. Recent statistics have shown that visitors are far more likely to become customers when the content and marketable materials are adapted to their own language of choice, rather than by requiring the audience to adapt itself to the content

WebsiteSecure Site Certifications Now Visible in 5 Languages site certifications can now be translated into German, Italian, Spanish, French or English by any consumer with a single click of their mouse.

“As emerging markets continue to increase their influence on the success of commercial websites globally, having each site certification available in more languages makes good sense,” said Stewart Tongue of “We take the feedback of our customers and the millions of consumers who utilize to find ethical sites online very seriously. As additional languages become prominent we will continually add new translations to accommodate everyone in their own native tongue.”

The certifications explain that each site has passed a rigorous ethics inspection which may include detailed review of terms and conditions pages, cancellation policies, privacy policies and test joins to ensure that consumers are being treated fairly during all interactions with a certified site,” the company said.

The company said that prevents sites from mistreating customers or visitors via unscrupulous business practices.

“It has been said many times that there is no such thing as a completely air tight method of monitoring all activities of a website with absolute certainty,” Tongue said. “While there is certainly some truth to that, highlighting the ethical brands who voluntarily have their sites inspected and relying on a combination of automated and manual techniques to exclude bad actors is allowing and the brands we certify to continue making an important difference.”

The certifications were translated by experts at, a company with years of experience in providing commercial text translations for mainstream or adult brands.

“We were obviously pleased to be a part of this project,” said Colin of Translations XXX. “Working with a prestigious brand like also makes it clear that we agree with the basic philosophy involved — that good companies and consumers ought to be banding together to deal in fair value as part of an ethical purchasing experience online.”

The benefits of having a multilingual website…

Today’s global marketplace demands a multilingual component to any online presence. Having a multilingual website significantly increases your chances of turning your visitors into customers. Web users will stay on a website twice as long if it is in their native language. Over half of the world’s consumers say that the ability to obtain information in their native language is more important than price

 If your website is only available in English you are neglecting over 1.4 billion people who access the internet in a language other than English. Nearly 90% of web users who have little to no knowledge of English spend most, if not all, of their time on websites in their native language. By simply having your website available in English, Chinese and Spanish you can reach almost 40% of the world’s population.

 The use of free online translation tools to translate your website can frequently distort meaning, diluting your brand and rendering your intended message incomprehensible. Some phrases do not make sense in other languages or even worse, they can be offensive. You need to have professional translators with an understanding of your industry and content who will localize your website. This will ensure that words, images, colors and design are appropriate to the local target audience.

 “TranslationsXXX has invested in cutting-edge technologies and resources that allow us to help any company develop a multilingual website to reach their desired target audience. We are well-versed in a variety of content management systems and will adapt your content in a manner completely transparent to you. TranslationsXXX relies on a diverse pool of over 5,000 experience translators who are native speakers of the target language and residents of the target market who will translate and localize your content accurately” said Colin, Business Development Specialist.

 Your target market will always want to do business with the company that is easiest to communicate with. Only 10% of web users with little to no knowledge of English say they will purchase products or services from a website that is only available in English. More than 60% of non-native English speaking people who do read English still prefer buying from websites in their native language. The fact is we live in a multilingual world no matter how local you “think” your business is.

 If you have a web presence and a good product, the international community will find you, whether you are prepared for it or not. Translating your website properly allows you to penetrate untapped and underserved markets. Nearly 96% of the worlds consumers and over half of the adult entertainments revenue is generated outside of the US which makes having a multilingual website a necessity.

TranslationsXXX Helps Manica Media Expand Globally

Manica Media S.L. is a global content distribution network that monetizes content for publishers across a wide variety of platforms including internet sites, broadcasting, mobile applications, DVDs and tangible goods. The global reach of Manica Media goes far beyond other distributors because the entire company is keenly focused on achieving a level of cultural integration within each local market that goes far beyond simply translating a website name or sending out an occasional press release.

“One of the important aspects of the company and the affiliate program is that we are based in Barcelona Spain but our management heritage varies and that gives us a more global view in marketing” said Erwin de Boer, VP of Online Media at Manica Media. “When we work with content partners from Germany, Portugal, Italy or the States, we aren’t just trying to sell their products to people – we are interested in embedding their brands and motivating consumers to want their products. People buy a lot more when they want something than when you try to sell them something.”

As part of their global strategy, Manica Media has worked extensively with TranslationsXXX to identify cultural marketing triggers, establish a pitch that resonates with local markets and provide content suited to those markets in the most easily accessible ways.

“Working with Colin at TranslationsXXX is terrific” said de Boer. “We have worked with other so-called language translators in the past and the results were nowhere near what we wanted. However, with Colin, we know we are getting more than just words. He takes the time to understand the brands involved, selects writers who grasp the flavor of the content, and creates maketing materials that stay true to our initial vision while making it as enticing as possible for each potential customer of any specific region. We speak more than one language in our offices and can see first hand why the work TranslationsXXX provides improves our marketing materials internationally.”

“In business nobody is supposed to have favorite customers, but the fact is when you work with a company that truly understands the value of what you are doing every day, the way Manica Media does, it’s impossible not to admire their approach” said Colin, VP of Business Development for “They see the broader goals and understand that even when you have a million customers, each one wants to be treated like the unique individual they are with a history and heritage all their own.”

To learn more about Manica Media and see the power of culturally relevant marketing materials visit or speak with Colin of TranslationsXXX to learn more about the ways we can bring your brands to a much bigger audience.